The International Society for Emotional Intelligence, Inc. (ISEI) is a non-profit educational organization that supports and encourages the advancement of Emotional Intelligence (EI) theory, research and professional practice. The society focuses on scientifically based approaches to applying EI and related emotion theories to various professional areas (such as organizations, business, education, medicine, therapy, and assessment). ISEI provides education and disseminates information to the professional community through conferences, workshops, publications and networking. Through membership in the society researchers, scholars and practitioners can foster and create international and intercultural collaborations dedicated to advancing the field of emotional intelligence and its impact on creating more caring, responsible, citizens of our global society.

The purpose of the Society is to support the international congresses every two years, conduct regional conferences and events, disseminate information through periodic newsletters, conduct educational workshops and professional training certification, and provide opportunities for networking and international collaboration. This ongoing work will allow for continued and improved research in EI across cultures and countries as well as the application of EI principles in various fields.

ISEI can also serve as a resource for various governments, organizations or other institutions that wish to apply emotional intelligence in order to improve human conditions, social systems, and to increase individual and social well-being of constituents.


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